Free/Affordable Social Services for the Elderly, Disabled, Underage and Infirm – Part 1

Many people are struggling to find services to help ease the burden of taking care of a loved one that cannot care for them self.  There are a plethora of free and affordable services available for people in need of assistance.  Below is a list of some of the services offered, along with contact information.  This is one in an ongoing series where I will try and provide my readers with information about local and regional offerings every caregiver and decision maker should be aware of.  Please feel free to add any additional services you are aware of in the comment section below.

Adult Protective Services - is a 24-hour service program designed to investigate all reported at-risk situations without regard to income involving individuals 65 or older and dependent adults (18-64 who are physically or mentally impaired).  Types of referrals include physical, sexual or financial abuse, isolation, neglect, or self-neglect.  Call them if you suspect that your loved one is being taken advantage of.
Phone: (877) 4-R-Seniors

Area Agency on Aging (AAA) – To serve our senior population, Los Angeles County operates a variety of programs administered by the AAA. These include the following:

  • Alzheimer’s day care resource center
  • Family Caregiver Program
  • Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy
  • Long term Care Ombudsman
  • Nutrition, Group meals & Home-Delivered meals
  • Senior Employment – Title V
  • Supportive Services Program – Title IIIB

Learn more about all of these programs at:
Phone: (800) 510-2020 or (213) 738-4004.

Caregiver Support Website – Sometimes caregivers need a little care too.  The Caregiver support website offers services ranging from temporary respite care, to counseling, and training.  Care giving can be emotionally draining and physically exhausting.  The constant demands may seem overwhelming but there are resources available.  To find out more contact them.

The International Center for Disability research – This site deals with a variety of issues, mobility impairments, blind and visually impaired issues, hearing impaired resources, assistive technology for all who need it, resources for medical supplies, for seniors, for those with autism and learning disabilities and many others. It also has resources for such things as electric scooters, wheel chairs and the like.

Cityride – The los Angeles DOT provides subsidized transportation to qualifying seniors and disabled persons in select areas of L.A. County.  For general information about Cityride, call (213, 310, 323 or 818) 808-RIDE

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