Trust Management

Sentry Services provides professional trust management services to clients in the state of California

  • Our professionals can manage the benefits and disbursements made under the stipulations of a special needs trust.  The parents or relatives of a disabled child usually establish these trusts.  We then make sure the funds are used to pay for supplemental or living expenses of the disabled person not paid by other sources. Special needs trusts can also be set up with the disabled person’s own funds, again to provide for supplemental medical or living expenses.
  • As Trustee, Sentry Services carries out the directions and follows the guidelines in the trust agreement in handling the specific circumstances of each request for funds from trust beneficiaries. This involves legal interpretation of the language in the document and appropriate input from family members and professional advisors.
  • Occasionally a co-trustee may be needed.  Sentry Services will act in consultation with the other trustee(s), to effectively manage your trust in accordance with the trust documents.